SignTrack is a centralised platform for capturing, reporting and managing signage, branding and safety signs for corporates who have a vast network of sites. SignTrack makes it easy for anyone with the right logins to upload the state of any sign onto a centralised database, giving clients real time access to their signage inventory. 

Companies spend a lot of time and resources on their signage. The signage is often vandalised, destroyed by weather elements, worn off over time and many other reasons. The ability to react immediately to such damage gives clients an opportunity to not only protect their brands, but also mission critical safety signs in industrial environments like mining, farming, science laboratories, commercial and industrial properties.

 The platform enables customers to:

  • Upload images of signs.
  • GPS Coordinates of the sites.
  • Database of sites
  • Monitoring and reporting of sites.
  • Signage Lifecycle.
  • Waste Management.

Users of the platform can also make suggestions for improving the infrastructure of their signages. It provides the capability to determine the exact location of the sign on a map using GPS, and users can upload relevant photos. All problems are displayed on the map of the area. The platform provides users with information about each stage of the resolution of the reported problem.