Mosima IT Solutions if a frachise holder of Sable Document Imaging Architect (PTY) LTD, Sable is the leader in the document imaging and management service provision and delivery. Through a combination of skills, processes, equipment and quality control, Sable provides leading edge solutions for organizations implementing document imaging and management projects and practices.

Sable, in the form of its parent company, Sable Scanning and Technologies has been providing document imaging and management services to the South African market for over 17 years.

Document Imaging and Management

The process of converting a paper document to a digital image and the storing and indexing of the document is Document Imaging and Management. The process takes into account the quality of the document, the size of the document, the filing and indexing standards of the organization, the referencing of the document, who needs access to the document, the frequency of access, confidentiality of the document and its contents.

All of these components need to be taken into account when imaging a document or converting a conventional paper based process to a digital process.

At an information technology level, the document imaging and management process takes into consideration file size and type, integration of the imaged document into other applications, indexing and META data fields, and integration into the normal business continuity processes.

The benefits of document imaging and management

  • Enhanced Productivity.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduced Admin Costs
  • Reduced Contiunity Risks
  • Effortless Statutory Compliance

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